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Q. How to recover my important files from FAT data recovery utility?

Ans. Install our FAT data recovery utility on your system and retrieve lost or deleted files and folders from Windows hard disk drive formatted on FAT file system.

Q. Can I recover deleted files and folders from emptied recycle bin?

Ans. Windows NTFS data recovery utility supports recovery of deleted files and folders which have been emptied from the recycle bin or deleted using shift + delete key so that you can easily retrieve lost data.

Q. Does your NTFS data recovery utility recover lost data from previously existing hard drive partitions?

Ans. Yes, you can easily retrieve lost or deleted files and folders from already existing hard disk drive partitions.

Q. How do I recover lost digital photo images using Digital pictures recovery utility?

Ans. You can easily recover lost deleted picture files, images from hard drives and removable media drives (including Pen drive, Thumb drive, External hard disk drive etc) by using Digital pictures recovery utility.

Q. Is iPod data recovery utility hard to use. Do I need to be technical genius to use it?

Ans. iPod data recovery utility is powerful and easy to use to recover deleted music file and folders and even a novice user can retrieve lost song files in easiest way.

Q. What is the advantage of data recovery software (FAT data recovery utility and NTFS data recovery utility)?

Ans. Data recovery software advantages are as follows:-

  • Easily recover deleted and lost files and folders including images, audio-video files, photographs from hard disk drive and removable media device.
  • Retrieve lost data even emptied from recycle bin or deleted using shift +delete key.
  • Data recovery software rescues lost data by using either Standard search or Advance search option and allow user to easily save recovered data at specified location for future use.
  • Software support recovery of even compressed and encrypted files and folders.

Q. Can I recover lost inbox and outbox text messages from mobile phone sim card?

Ans. Sim card data recovery utility is fully capable to recover all lost, deleted text messages (popular as SMS) and stored phone book contact numbers from all major mobile phone sim card in the easiest way.

Q. Can I fetch sim card information from your Sim card data recovery utility?

Ans. Yes, you can easily retrieve all details of mobile phone sim card including IMSI number, Card identification number and service provider name along with location of the sim card.

Q. Which Operating System supports your data recovery software?

Ans. Our data recovery software support all major Windows Operating System including VISTA, XP, 2003, 2000, 98 etc.

Q. How can I purchase Data recovery software?

Ans. You can easily purchase online data recovery software from our www.datarecoverydownload.net website.